Low carbon precinct


Technical report

ICM Precinct Carbon Assessment tool conversion for cloud-based interfaces towards utilisation

The Precinct Carbon Assessment (PCA) Tool was developed at the University of South Australia as part of the Integrated Carbon Metrics Project (RP2007). The main focus of the PCA tool is to examine the whole life cycle of carbon emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)...

Precinct design assessment: a guide to smart sustainable low carbon urban development

This guide has been developed to help speed a transition to sustainable urban development in two key environmental domains related to resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for Australia’s cities.

Community co-design of low carbon precincts for urban regeneration in established suburbs

The intensification of development that is required in established and occupied inner and middle suburban greyfield areas (retrofit) is the great challenge for our fast-growing Australian cities. The scale of urban regeneration required over the next 30 years has the potential to reduce carbon emissions...

Estimating the GHG emission reduction from expanding sharing economy mobility services in the city of Adelaide

In Australia, various City Councils, including the City of Adelaide, are pursuing carbon neutrality at municipal-scale based on their operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As passenger transport is a major component of city operational GHG emissions, there is an opportunity for shared mobility services to...

Guide to low carbon precincts

This document is a resource for anyone planning or assessing new low carbon precincts. Its advice complements existing policy and may be of use to developers, planners, policy makers and the community—anyone who is seeking to understand how to create sustainable urban outcomes.
Literature review

Scoping study (phase 1: interim report): A review of low carbon precincts to identify pathways for mainstreaming sustainable urbanism in Australia

As part of the CRC for Low Carbon Living this scoping paper focuses on the Low Carbon Precincts (Program 2) however, it also examines aspects of how the Engaged Communities (Program 3) can help with the implementation of low carbon precincts e.g. through leadership, governance...
Conference paper

A review of international low carbon precincts to identify pathways for mainstreaming sustainable urbanism in Australia

This paper describes six international ‘low carbon precinct’ case studies to show how they were able to overcome barriers surrounding sustainable urbanism.