Maritime safety



Safety and shipping review 2020

Given the global shipping industry is responsible for transporting as much as 90% of world trade, the safety of its vessels is critical. This report identifies loss trends and highlights coronavirus, climate, security and technology-related challenges for the maritime sector.

Efficiency of the investigation of transport accidents and safety occurrences

The objective of this audit was to examine the efficiency of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB’s) investigation of transport accidents and safety occurrences.
Journal article

New Zealand’s port and harbour marine safety code: a case study in regulation

This article is a case study of the journey that led to the inaugural annual national forum on the 2016 New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code which took place in July 2017 in Wellington.

Follow up of recreational maritime safety

Effectively promoting and enforcing compliance with marine safety laws is vital to assuring marine safety. As Victoria's transport safety regulator, Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) must ensure that waterway managers meet their legislative obligations in helping to maintain public confidence in the marine safety system. In...