Material deprivation


Briefing paper

Entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia: health, economic and social impacts

100 Families WA is a collaborative research project aimed at understanding the lived experience of poverty, entrenched disadvantage and social exclusion. The first bulletin focuses on the health, economic and social impacts of hardship experienced by families in Perth, Western Australia.

Material deprivation and social exclusion among young Australians: a child-focused approach

This report is the first of its kind to apply the deprivation approach to examine deprivation among young Australians using information provided by young people themselves. It builds on earlier projects that developed and applied the approach used here to adults.

The material wellbeing of New Zealand households: trends and relativities using non-income measures, with international comparisons

This report uses non-income measures (NIMs) to examine material wellbeing of New Zealand households. NIMs focus on living conditions in terms of food, clothing, accommodation, heating, and transport, and in terms of their ability to maintain or replace broken household appliances, purchase desirable non-essentials, cope...