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Technical report

Lambing difficulty

Lambing time brings its share of difficult births. Correct technique in assisting a ewe in difficulty will enhance ewe and lamb survival.
Technical report

Curing and cutting chaff

Chaff is hay cut into small pieces for feeding to livestock. It is a good fodder, and at its best is cleanly and evenly cut, free of dust, of good colour and with a fresh aroma. Other materials are sometimes described as chaff, such as...
Technical report

Trace elements for dryland pastures

Trace element requirements for pastures in various parts of Victoria are assessed from knowledge of the soil type, local trials and plant tissue testing. Introduction Although only required in small amounts, trace elements (or micronutrients) are essential for plant growth. These nutrients often act as...
Technical report

Pasture recovery after fire

Most fires have a drastic effect on a pasture. Fire changes the botanical composition and will retard the pasture leading to a reduction in the growth and carrying capacity of the pasture in the following season. Fire changes pastures in different ways according to a...
Technical report

Using fertiliser test strips on pasture

Fertiliser test strips are a tool that can assist in determining the responsiveness of a pasture to applied nutrients. They are useful in certain situations or in combination with other tools. Introduction A pasture's nutrient requirements should be assessed using a number of methods, including...