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Fact Check Fact File: Could the government make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in Australia?

Enforcing mandatory vaccination is a complicated proposition intersecting public health, rights to bodily autonomy and medical ethics. RMIT ABC Fact Check takes a look at whether mandatory vaccination could be enforced in Australia.
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Association between region of birth and advance care planning documentation among older Australian migrant communities: a multi-center audit study

Abstract: Objectives: This study explored associations between birth region, socio-demographic predictors and advance care planning (ACP) uptake. Methods: A prospective, multi-center, cross-sectional audit study of 100 sites across eight Australian jurisdictions. ACP documentation was audited in the health records of people aged 65 years or...
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Assisted dying and evidence-based law-making: a critical analysis of an article’s role in New Zealand’s referendum

Aim: To critically analyse the reliability of an article which claims to be evidence that the End of Life Choice Act 2019 provides a “potential hotspot for family, community and social discord that may not be easily remedied” should the legislation receive public support in...
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Advance care planning in Australia during the COVID-19 outbreak: now more important than ever

The COVID‐19 situation has emerged rapidly and will continue to evolve. In the rush to ‘ready the ship’ from a logistical and health system perspective, it is important to also consider the significance of everyday clinical interactions, person‐centred care and the opportunities for addressing advance...
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Legal requirements to conduct blood testing in doping control: Oceania region

Abstract: As sport is now practiced on a worldwide basis, the fight against doping is an international problem and the solution to it must necessarily be international or the level playing field, which is fundamental to sport, cannot exist. There must be national building blocks...
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Fact Check: Has assisted dying been a legal slippery slope overseas?

Former prime minister Paul Keating claims the experience of assisted dying legislation in "overseas jurisdictions suggests the pressures for further liberalisation are irresistible".
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Fact Check: Could Richard Di Natale and Bob Brown act as medical advisers on the transfer of refugees under proposed legislation?

As the Government seeks to prevent the passage of the so-called "medevac bill", Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has questioned the influence medical practitioners would have in deciding to transfer sick refugees to Australia for treatment, suggesting t
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A model voluntary assisted dying bill

Voluntary assisted dying is a vexed and contested issue. Despite this complexity, over recent years there has been a shift in the national debate as successive governments put the issue of voluntary assisted dying on the political agenda.
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Nurses' knowledge of law at the end of life and implications for practice: a qualitative study

The aim of this research was to explore nurses' experiences and knowledge of the law relating to the provision of end-of-life pain and symptom relief.
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Evidence-based law-making on voluntary assisted dying

This paper argues that evidence-based law making by parliamentarians is needed as they deliberate proposed voluntary assisted dying laws. There has been limited recognition of the value of evidence-based approaches in the discipline of law