A note on New Zealand’s methane emissions from livestock

Modelling was commissioned to provide a better understanding of the contribution of New Zealand’s livestock methane to warming. The commissioner is releasing the results of the modelling to ensure that wider policy discussions are grounded in the underlying science.

Climate change and agriculture: understanding the biological greenhouse gases

In this report the Commissioner examines the issue of agricultural greenhouse gases – methane and nitrous oxide – which together form about half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. This high proportion of emissions coming from agriculture is a major challenge for New Zealand. The...
Working paper

Agricultural emissions mitigation in New Zealand: answers to questions from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Farmers change slowly Avoid pain with clear signals Research; replace cows. This paper explores how New Zealand should address agricultural greenhouse gas emissions: methane and nitrous oxide. The starting point is the internationally agreed-upon goal of limiting global warming to below two degrees, and New...