Monitoring and evaluation

Alternate Term Label:
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
Government performance
Government inaction
Technical report

The Disability and Wellbeing Monitoring Framework and Indicators: technical report

This report documents the development of a comprehensive Monitoring Framework and Indicators to measure and track inequalities between people with and without disability in relation to exposure to well-established social determinants of health and wellbeing.
Conference paper

The urban heat island in Australian city planning

Extreme heat associated with the Urban Heat Island (UHI) and future climate change will have a disproportional geographic and demographic impact across a city. This research investigates Australian cities' strategic plans for heat reduction to maintain their liveability towards heat stress from the UHI effect.

A fair and responsive public service for all

This report finalises an intensive review of public sector employment laws in Queensland and recommends changes that include different language and concepts about how and why people work for the State Government in its various guises.
Journal article

Strategies to support culturally safe health and wellbeing evaluations in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand: a concept mapping study

This study responds to a need to identify strategies and practical actions to support culturally safe evaluation in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand.

Government at a glance 2017

Strengthening, establishing dialogue with citizens through open and participative policymaking processes, and enhancing government’s capacity to choose the most appropriate policies among various options - all are key to re-connect governments with their citizenry and foster more inclusive and sustainable growth. Government at a Glance...

Government at a glance 2019

This publication focuses on progress made by OECD countries in achieving people-centricity in their public management and governance practices and in service delivery. Data show that countries are improving service provision, which is reflected in the levels of public satisfaction with key public services, making...

VACCHO Submission to the Productivity Commission: the Indigenous Evaluation Strategy

The Indigenous Evaluation Strategy (IES) is an opportunity to create a paradigm shift in the relationship between program and policy evaluation and execution. The Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)’s submission argues that in order to achieve effective policy outcomes, we must first secure...
Policy report

Government outsourcing: what has worked and what needs reform?

The role of external suppliers in delivering services to the public and to government has been expanded significantly over the past forty years. This report assesses where outsourcing has worked and where it has not, and why, and makes recommendations on how to improve the...
Technical report

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness outcomes measurement framework: dashboard

This document is an initial prototype of The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework: Dashboard (the Dashboard). This version of the Dashboard provides a first visualisation of data in relation to the outcomes, indicators and measures articulated in the first...
Policy report

Outcomes reform in Victoria

Victoria’s Public Sector Reform statement identifies outcomes as one of the key drivers to achieving the public service of the future.