Mixed-use apartment buildings

Journal article

Takt planning in apartment building renovation projects

Takt production has been of great interest in construction during the last few years. In this research, a case study was carried out to demonstrate how the scheduling of an apartment building renovation project that utilizes takt production can be done.
Briefing paper

Higher density living: critical policy brief

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s housing research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges in addressing Melbourne’s housing needs.

The apartment construction cost demonstration project: research project

The Apartment Construction Cost Demonstration Project was an innovative and collaborative partnership between Renewal SA and the private development sector to investigate contemporary design and construction approaches to minimise building costs. Following a public expression of interest process run by Renewal SA in mid-2014, multiaward-winning...
Conference paper

This subtropical life: are new apartment buildings providing locally-appropriate outcomes for apartment living in Brisbane?

The purpose of this paper is to present data and discussion on a critical review of a sample of multi-storey and mixed use residential buildings in the subtropical city of Brisbane in order to understand how contemporary buildings are achieving local authority policy outcomes and...