Native Title

Working paper

Ensuring Indigenous benefit from large-scale renewable energy projects: drawing on experience from extractive industry agreement making

In the coming decades, Australia is set to see a dramatic expansion in renewable energy projects. It is likely that many of these will occur on land subject to Indigenous rights and interests. This paper looks to extractive industry experience in negotiating access and benefit...
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Crown and country: negotiating the one space

The concept of ‘Country’ is central to Aboriginal culture and has sustained the Quandamooka Peoples (the Quandamooka) of South East Queensland (SEQ) for 40,000 years. On 4 July 2011, the Federal Court of Australia determined that 54,500ha of exclusive and non-exclusive Native Title rights over...
Discussion paper

Exposure draft - Native Title Legislation Amendment Bill 2018: public consultation paper

The objective of the proposed reforms is to deliver improvements to native title claims resolution, agreement-making, and dispute resolution processes in the Native Title Act and other legislation. This document outlines the purpose of the proposed amendments and seeks stakeholder views on the approach to...

Re-evaluating Mabo: the case for native title reform to remove discrimination and promote economic opportunity

This paper seeks to reanalyse the Mabo case from the point of view of non-discrimination. It argues that the Mabo judgment may have been discriminatory in finding that pre-existing entitlements in surviving native title are restricted to the limited range of activities that can be...

Unfinished business

This report by senior researchers from the University of Queensland raises issues that are crucial to the important and timely debate about native title and the rights of Indigenous peoples in Australia and around the world.
Discussion paper

Systemic innovation in native title

This paper explores the implications which flow from the fact that native title institutions comprise a complex system, or meta-system, and examines the extent and value of innovation within the native title system.

Australian native title anthropology: strategic practice, the law and the state

This book examines the practical aspects of anthropology that are relevant to the exercise of the discipline within the native title context.
Discussion paper

Reforms to the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth): options paper

Despite significant progress, the Australian government considers there is scope for improving the native title system to increase access to native title rights and traditional lands. This paper seeks stakeholder views on a range of options to amend the Act which are intended to improve...
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Geospacial - know where you stand with native title

In response to feedback from our stakeholders, the NNTT Geospatial Services team has made more spatial data available online.
Journal article

Are courts colourblind to country? Indigenous cultural heritage, environmental law and the Australian judicial system

In light of a number of significant recent cases, this article examines the role of the courts in the protection of Indigenous cultural heritage.