Net neutrality



IFLA toolkit on net neutrality for libraries and library associations

IFLA's Net Neutrality Toolkit aims to provide readers (libraries and library associations) with a clear yet coincise description of what net neutrality is, and ideas of how librarians can fight to maintain a free, unhindered internet.

The public internet option

This report argues that with internet service becoming ever more central to modern social, political and economic life, access to functional and affordable broadband, like access to running water and electricity, must be available to all.
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After net neutrality

Victor Pickard, Associate Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, examines the historic June 2016 net neutrality ruling in the United States and asks whether net neutrality is now threatened by corporate capture.
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New music audiences: the generative impulse

This paper looks at how the net neutrality debate relates to the music recording industry and considers how new media audiences consume music as social experience and with generative impulse. As the Internet appears to force the music recording industry to re-evaluate its function and...
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Tactics or mobilising participation and action: GetUp! A cast study of communicative spaces

GetUp! began in 2005. It is an Australian grass-roots community advocacy organisation that aims to build an accountable and progressive Australian Parliament, and for this reason it does not support any particular political party ('About GetUp!, FAQ (GetUp!)', n.d.). claims it is 'an independent...
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Internet aggregators: the impact of the classifiers on open communication

The Net Neutrality debate in the United States has ramifications for all countries interested in how the Internet is structured as an 'open space'. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) developed in 2005 general principles governing access to the Internet, given the potential of ISP...