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Not for profit sector

Non-profit organisations
Philanthropic sector

Understanding the role that philanthropy can play in supporting public interest journalism and how to enable it

This report draws on a series of interviews conducted with approximately forty stakeholders from news media organisations and philanthropy to provide insights into the motivations and mechanisms that impact philanthropic giving to public interest journalism.

Philanthropy: the continued journey to real impact and better practice

This report revisits the progress the Australian philanthropic sector has made against the five pillars of best practice and, through the contribution of the members of the Philanthropy Impact Pioneers Program, does a deep dive practical into the challenges of genuinely engaging and holding ourselves...

Research report: market design and evolution for better outcomes

This report summarises research conducted into mergers of disability services providers during the period since 2014. It forms part of The Market Designs and Evolutions for Better Outcomes Research Program. Key findings The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the quasi-market model...

Disability services market report 2018: the business confidence and financial sustainability of the disability service sector

This report summarises data from the 2017 Disability Markets Survey, the fifth in a longitudinal series of studies undertaken by National Disability Services to monitor change in the supply of disability services, business conditions and the operations of disability services providers in Australia.

Australia’s disability services sector 2017: report 2 financial performance summary of key findings (National Benchmarking Project)

This second report of the Market Design and Evolution for Better Outcomes Research Program provides a snapshot of the changes in the financial performance of a Panel of 154 disability service providers between 2014/15 and 2015/16 as they transition into the National Disability Insurance Scheme...

Red tape reduction: ACNC

This website outlines the progress the ACNC has made in reducing red tape for charities based on a charity's structure and provides additional resources for charities and regulators of charities.

Results: disability markets survey 2016

The Disability Markets Survey is the fourth in a series of studies to monitor change in the supply of disability services, business conditions and the operations of disability services providers in Australia.

Data for Good Collaboration: research report

This report presents key findings from a research partnership, which involved the design and delivery of a series of webinars that built data literacy; and participatory data capacity-building workshops facilitated by teams of social scientists and data scientists.

Vital support: building resilient charities to support Australia’s wellbeing

This report finds that despite Australia’s promising economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, many charities remain in vulnerable financial positions and require urgent funding from the Australian government to continue supporting thousands of Australians in need and providing employment opportunities.

A review of the evidence on developing and supporting policy and practice networks

‘Networks’ and ‘networking’ are widely used (and often under-defined) concepts. This rapid review takes a more focused look at networks - specifically those that support policy and practice development, from the point of view of charitable organisations that may want to foster them as a...