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Emerging pedagogies for the use of iPads in schools

This study of four schools explores the impact of iPads on pedagogy and the changes that were evident. Using multiple data collection techniques, the study has shown that there have been some changes in teachers’ pedagogy that lead to increased collaboration, communication, student self-reliance and...
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One-to-one computing: what does it bring to schools?

This study investigates students’ use of one-to-one laptops for various activities and the impact of one-to-one computing on student learning and school culture. Based on data collected from surveys and interviews of teachers, students, and parents in a Midwestern middle school over one academic year...
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One laptop per child: vision vs. reality

This article argues that the one laptop per child vision is being overwhelmed by the reality of business, politics, logistics, and competing interests worldwide.
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Free for all: a case study examining implementation factors of one-to-one device programs

This article explors how factors of implementation may affect digital device diffusion, learning and educational outcomes, and program sustainability in schools.
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The effects of home computers on educational outcomes

There is no clear theoretical prediction regarding whether home computers are an important input in the educational production function. To investigate the hypothesis, we conduct a field experiment involving the random provision of free computers to low-income community college students for home use. Although estimates...
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One laptop per child Birmingham: case study of a radical experiment

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program has sought to transform education by developing and distributing to low-income children around the world an inexpensive computer with an in- novative interface and applications. This article investigates the implementation of OLPC in Birmingham, Alabama, where some 15,000...