Parental leave

Maternity leave
Paternity leave


Dad days: how more gender-equal parental leave would improve the lives of Australian families

Paid parental leave should be substantially boosted for fathers and partners, to support men to be more engaged in the early years of their children’s lives, according to this Grattan Institute report.
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The drivers of mothers’ parental leave decisions: evidence from the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal survey

In this paper, the authors compare mothers’ preferred leave, anticipated leave, and realised leave to shed light on how well different types of mothers are able to predict the parental leave they will take, and the factors that drive them to deviate from their plans.
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Enhancing work-life balance: a better system of Paid Parental Leave

This report discusses recommendations for Australia to move to a model of gender equality for child-rearing, to replace the current parental leave system.
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Fact Check: Does Australia have one of the least generous paid parental leave schemes in the OECD?

Advocacy group Parents At Work says Australia's approach to paid parental leave is lagging other nations and "requires an urgent rethink".
Policy report

Building better business for children

This report recommends that the Australian Government adopt a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, and has suggested ten clear areas where children would benefit from reform.

Fathers and parental leave

Just one in twenty Australian fathers take primary parental leave, which is a low number by global standards. This article looks at why Australian fathers are reluctant to take parental leave, as well as the benefits for both families and businesses of shared parental leave.
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Parenting support in the early years: research brief

The early years are a critical time for children’s development. Parents’ engagement in their children’s early development and learning has an impact on children’s later educational and life experiences and parents differ in their levels of engagement.
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Does paid maternity leave help mother's health and wellbeing?

It has been widely recognised that maternity leave is important to the health of mothers. But what difference does paid maternity leave make? And does paid maternity leave help to reduce health inequalities?
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Fact Check: The Coalition's stance on paid parental leave 'double dipping'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims the Coalition announced plans to stop new mothers "double dipping" on paid parental leave before the 2013 election.
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Fact Check: Jenny Macklin's attack on Abbott's age pension, parental leave plans unfounded

Opposition spokeswoman for families and payments Jenny Macklin the Government wants to cut the conditions for age pensioners while paying wealthy women $50,000 to have a baby.
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Fact Check: Are only 2pc of incomes over $100,000 earned by women under 50?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims only 2 per cent of incomes over $100,000 are earned by women under 50. The actual figure is considerably higher.
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Fact Check: Kevin Rudd's parental leave, child care comparison incorrect

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme costs $22 billion, which he claims is more than the Government spends on childcare support.
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Fact Check: Kevin Rudd's high speed rail, parental leave cost comparison is unsound

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claims building a high speed rail project from Brisbane to Melbourne by 2035 would cost less than the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme for the same period of time.
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Fact Check: Chris Bowen correct on investor impact of parental leave scheme

Treasurer Chris Bowen claims the Coalition's proposed paid parental leave scheme will cost Australian investors $1.6 billion.
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Fact Check: Kevin Rudd goes too far on paid parental leave for millionaires

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claims the Coalition's signature promise would unfairly pay thousands of dollars in parental leave to men who earn a million dollars a year.
Working paper

The impact of paid maternity leave on labour market outcomes

This working paper look into the effect of paid maternity leave on mothers probability of employment after birth, how this effect varies with the age of the child, and the effect on wages when the child is about four years old. It finds that mothers...

Paid parental leave: support for parents with newborn children: inquiry report

The Australian government's statutory paid parental leave scheme should be taxpayer-funded, and should provide paid postnatal leave for a total of 18 weeks that can be shared by eligible parents, at the adult federal minimum wage, according to this report.

The gender balance; or, whatever happened to feminism?

This edition of the Academy's journal, Dialogue, features the following articles on feminism: Disappearing Tricks, by Marian Sawer Poisons and Antidotes: Historicising feminism and equality in an age of rights competition, by Ann Genovese The Sexual Revolution as Big Flop: Women’s Liberation lesson one, by...

Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Survey 2005: Paid paternity leave

Results of the 2005 EOWA annual survey of reporting organisations on the provision of paid paternity leave.