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Fact Check: Is it cheaper for MPs to fly VIP jets, as Christopher Pyne claims?

Government frontbencher Christopher Pyne claims a VIP Boeing business jet flight from Perth to Canberra taken by a group of WA Liberal MPs was probably cheaper than a commercial flight

Investigation of matters referred from the Legislative Assembly on 8 August 2018

The Victorian Ombudsman was asked by the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Assembly to investigate MPs’ knowledge of, and involvement in, fraudulent activity undertaken by former Liberal State Director, Damien Mantach, between 2010 and 2015. This report outlines the Ombudsman's findings.

The base salary for senators and members: 2018 update

Senators and members receive an annual allowance by way of basic salary—$207,100 from 1 July 2018. This research paper explains the legislative basis, fixing and linking mechanisms for the allowance.

Members' additional entitlements 2017

This audit identified two instances where Members of Parliament did not materially comply with the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination relating to additional entitlements.

2018 Parliamentary remuneration and business resources: a quick guide - September 2018 update

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the legislative and administrative changes to parliamentary business resources (as they are now known) and updates Parliamentary Library information showing the total remuneration of Members of Parliament, ministers and parliamentary office holders.

Inquiry into matters relating to the misuse of electorate office staffing entitlements

This report finds that the conduct of the Members in question does not constitute a contempt of Parliament, even though in some cases, the conduct was not up to the standard expected from Victorian MPs.

Dirty deeds, done for considerable amounts of money

The week’s two big political campaigning scandals — Cambridge Analytica’s data-harvesting and Labor’s funding scam in Victoria — highlight the temptations facing parties desperate to win government. For Labor, an Ombudsman’s report on the affair places valuable information in the hands of the Victorian Opposition.

Investigation of a matter referred from the Legislative Council on 25 November 2015

Trust in our politicians is declining, and risks diminishing further with allegations of misuse of public funds. This investigation argues that the reputation of the Victorian Parliament would be greatly enhanced if an independent agency was clearly empowered to deal with such matters.

An independent parliamentary entitlements system

The Committee to consider an independent parliamentary entitlements system was established by the then Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, on 2 August 2015. The review announcement noted the rules governing the system lacked clarity and transparency and acknowledged that some parliamentary travel had...

Review of parliamentary entitlements: committee report

This report, completed in April 2010 and released on 24 March 2011, proposes a number of changes to improve the parliamentary entitlements framework. The report concluded that the existing arrangements are an extraordinarily complex plethora of entitlements containing myriad ambiguities. The current framework comprises: at...