Parliamentary privilege


Naming sex offenders is an abuse of parliamentary privilege

This article examines issues surrounding the use of parliamentary privilege, when it comes to naming sex offenders in Parliament.

Parliamentary Privilege: the continuing debate

Summary: The first decade of the 21st century proved to be momentous for constitutional reform in the UK and, at times, a period of lively, even torrid, commentary on the law and practice of parliamentary privilege. The purpose of this paper is to identify the...

An introduction to parliamentary privilege

This paper examines the law and practice of parliamentary privilege both in Australia and in other jurisdictions.

The scandal that almost wasn't

Why did most of the media run dead on the Securency bribery story, asks Peter Browne.

Vision in hindsight

A collection of 17 essays, written around the centenary of Federation, telling the story of how Parliament has fashioned and reworked the intentions of those who crafted the Constitution. Produced by the Parliamentary Library, Commonwealth of Australia. 1. Federal Parliament's Changing Role in Treaty Making...

Parliamentary privilege: first principles and recent applications

Parliamentary privilege concerns the powers, privileges and immunities from aspects of the general law conferred on the Houses of Parliament, their members, officers and committees. This paper starts by defining the subject, before looking at parliamentary privilege in the context of a wider constitutional setting...

Parliamentary privilege: major developments and current issues

This background paper, which reflects the law as at 1 March 2007, discusses questions and issues in parliamentary privilege that continue to be the subject of debate or uncertainty. These include the law relating to: the execution of search warrants, the issuing of subpoenas and...
Briefing paper

Copyright, Privilege and Members of Parliament

The purpose of this paper is to comment upon the relationship between MPs and copyright law and to analyse the impact of the law of parliamentary privilege upon it. That relationship can be approached from at least three perspectives which can be categorised as the...