Can family and friends improve probation and parole outcomes? A quantitative evaluation of Triple-S: Social Supports in Supervision

This report details the results of a quantitative evaluation of a new model of probation and parole called 'Triple-S: Social Supports in Supervision'.

Throughcare needs of Indigenous people leaving prison in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

The aim of this research was to identify the needs of Indigenous men and women after release from prison, so that effective community-based throughcare strategies can be developed.

Tougher national parole laws won’t end the violence

Rick Sarre and Lorana Bartels ask if there's a case for an overhaul of nationwide parole laws?

Administration of parole

Overview The audit examined whether parole is being administered effectively to achieve its intended outcomes. In particular, it examined the parole system in the wake of the reforms arising from the review of the parole system conducted by former High Court Justice Ian Callinan. The...

Parole and sentencing: research report

This report examines trends in setting non-parole periods for imprisonment sentences over the five years ending 30 June 2015. The report considers how the courts’ use of non-parole periods changed between 2010–11 and 2014–15 and the factors that influenced the length of non-parole periods imposed...