Performance reporting



Regulator’s update: July 2022

The Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (the Act) has been in operation for over 12 months, with 8,885 reporting entities reporting under the scheme and 16,801 payment times reports received to the Register by 30 June 2022. This first update provides a summary of reports...

WGEA Review Report

This report proposes ten recommendations to accelerate progress on gender equality in workplaces and streamline reporting for employers to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

International developments in sustainability reporting

This paper identifies and describes international trends in sustainability reporting to promote discussion around the potential role of government in laying the foundations for an effective sustainability reporting regime, which would facilitate sustainable transitions in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Measuring and reporting on service delivery

This audit assesses if the way Victorian government departments measure and report on their service delivery supports accountability and good decision-making.

The 2020 financial services human rights benchmark report

This report assesses the performance of 22 financial companies against six human rights categories: privacy and information; anti-discrimination; economic security; health and safety; voice and participation; and right to remedy.

2020 client and stakeholder satisfaction research

​The results of the VRQA's 2020 client and stakeholder research are now available. Clients and stakeholders reported generally high levels of satisfaction with their performance in 2020, and continued to perceive them as a fair and effective regulator.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework: 2020 summary report

This summary report provides an overview of the key statistics, and summarises the latest information on how Indigenous Australians are faring, drawing from the Health Performance Framework (HPF) performance measures.

Collaborative climate change reporting

This project aims to develop an environmental sustainability reporting program to assist the six partner Council’s in reporting against environmental sustainability strategies, plans and investments.

State of the energy market 2020

This report provides an accessible review of the transmission and distribution networks and energy retail markets in eastern and southern Australia over 2019 and the early months of 2020.
Journal article

Seven pitfalls to avoid in outcomes measurement

What are the common things that go wrong when setting up an outcomes measurement approach? SVA consultants share 10 years of insights.
Briefing paper

Engaging clients in commissioning: what are the benefits?

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note supports us to understand how to involve clients in outcomes-based commissioning, and the impact this has on client outcomes.

The enabling state: where are we now?

An enabling state is one that seeks to address stubborn inequalities of outcome and gives people and communities more control over the public services they receive to improve their own wellbeing. This report provides a detailed review of participative, outcomes-based policy making since 2013 and...
Journal article

Social impact bonds: a letter from the frontline – part 2

Part 2 of Elyse Sainty’s letter from the frontline of Australia’s foray into social impact bonds outlines her ‘thoughts and prayers’ for their future.

Outcomes measurement in the Australian community sector: a national report card

This report presents a unique analysis of outcomes measurement across the entire Australian community sector, using results from the Outcomes Measurement in the Community Sector Survey.
Working paper

HRMI civil and political rights metrics: 2018 technical note

This paper details a new methodology developed to measure civil and political rights violations in a pilot sample of 13 diverse countries. In doing so, we discuss the problems present in previous attempts to measure civil and political rights cross-nationally and argue that our approach...
Case study

Joy and data: Creating success for every student

Education in Australia has increasingly become a highly-pressurised pursuit of success. More than ever, students are told to excel academically if they are going to succeed in life. Are we at risk of losing all joy of learning?

Outcomes measurement in the community sector: are we headed in the right direction?

This report assesses whether there has been progress in community sector outcomes measurement in Western Australia.
Discussion paper

What works to improve service outcomes: draft reporting framework

The proposed reporting framework is intended to enable the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Services to enhance its performance monitoring work on government service provision (the Report on Government Services) with complementary reporting on what works to improve outcomes for these services.
Journal article

Outcome-based contracting for human services

This review examines the evidence of the effect of government-funded outcome-based contracts in public human services. Outcome-based contracts in public human services are defined as those where some proportion of payment is triggered by some measure of change in the lives of clients. There is...

DIY M&E: a step-by-step guide to building a monitoring and evaluation framework

This guide provides a starting point for the development of a monitoring evaluation framework. A fictional program throughout the guide provides an example to demonstrate the guidance. An included template helps users start drafting their own framework.
Journal article

How culture grows effective outcomes

Te Whānau O Waipareira is working with SVA Consulting to build an outcomes management culture and strategy to measure what really matters for Māori families in West Auckland.
Conference paper

Local government internal audit compliance

Local Government Councils are reliant on a number of funding sources including State and Federal governments as well as their community constituents to enable them to provide a range of public services. Given these funding sources councils need to have in place a range of...

Public sector performance measurement and reporting

This audit found that three Victorian government departments are not effectively applying the performance measurement and reporting system.

Can we improve the health system with performance reporting?

Advanced healthcare systems are moving toward greater efficiency, transparency and accountability, and this trend will continue, particularly in fiscally-constrained environments There is no single measure that will improve service delivery and patient outcomes, ensure financial sustainability and increase accountability and transparency in a health system...