Drug harmfulness


Minimising the harms from methamphetamine

Harmful methamphetamine use has become a serious and intractable health issue in Aotearoa New Zealand over the past 20 years. The paper begins by providing an overview of how methamphetamine is used, by whom and why, how big the market is, what the harms are...

Misuse Of Drugs Amendment Act 2019 post-implementation review

This report is an interim review of the impact of amendments made in 2019 to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975

Minimising the harm of illicit drug use among young adults

Young adults (18-25 years) are the age-group most likely to use illicit drugs in Australia. But who’s most at risk? This research examines the evidence to identify the high-risk subgroups and behaviours most likely to benefit from harm reduction efforts, as well as the types...

Global tobacco industry interference index 2020

Global Tobacco Industry Interference Index (Global Tobacco Index) is a global survey on how governments are responding to tobacco industry interference and protecting their public health policies from commercial and vested interests as required under the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO...

The impact of arrest and seizure on drug crime and harms: a systematic review

Drawing on the Global Policing Database (GPD), this review assesses the impact of supplier arrests and seizures on drug crime, drug use, drug price, drug purity and drug harm outcomes.
Position paper

Drug harm reduction and treatment: opportunities to improve outcomes for our communities

This position paper outlines a set of public health and law enforcement recommendations that ACON believes need to be established and resourced, and that are critical in addressing the health needs of sexuality and gender diverse communities.

Close to home: young people and the impact of alcohol and drug use by family and peers

This report offers an insight not only into the scale of young people in Australia who are affected by the alcohol and drug use of their family and peers, but importantly, it provides a better understanding of the personal impacts that this has on a...

Poisoning in children and young people 2012-13

This report provides information about children and young people aged 0–24 who were hospitalised as a result of poisoning in Australia. Almost half (49%) of all cases occurred among 18–24 year olds and a quarter among 15–17 year olds (26%). The highest rate of poisoning...

Research report: The New Zealand drug harm index 2016

The New Zealand Drug Harm Index 2016 estimates the social cost of drug-related harms and intervention costs in 2014/15 as NZ$1.8 billion. The total cost of illicit drug use has been considered as having three components. The cost of personal harm, that is, the harms...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Is marijuana less dangerous than alcohol, as Barack Obama claims?

Barack Obama claims smoking marijuana is less dangerous for health than drinking alcohol.