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Petrol prices


Working paper

Fuel prices and road deaths: motorcyclists are different

This study estimates the effect of gasoline prices on road deaths by vehicle mode using annual data for 62 countries for 2000–2018 and all states of the United States (US) for 1998–2018.

Petrol prices vary significantly: report on petrol prices by major retailer in 2018

This report analyses annual and monthly average retail petrol prices in 2018, to identify the highest and lowest priced major retailers in the eight Australian capital cities.

Petrol price cycles in Australia

This report on petrol price cycles in Australia examines how price cycles occur, how they have changed over time, and how consumers can use them to save money when they buy petrol.

Retail and wholesale petrol market shares in Australia

The ACCC produces quarterly petrol monitoring reports focusing on price movements in the capital cities and over 190 regional locations across Australia. It also produces industry reports that focus on particular aspects of consumer interest in the fuel market. This is the second industry report...

Victorian government response to the Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee’s Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria

This document outlines the Victorian government’s response to the inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria, and responds to each of the committee’s three recommendations.

Petrol prices are not the same: report on petrol prices by major retailer in 2017

The ACCC analysed monthly and annual average retail petrol prices in 2017, to identify the highest and lowest priced major retailers of petrol (on average) in each of Australia's five largest cities.

Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria: report

Fuel is an essential item for most families and businesses and high prices can be frustrating. Regional Victorians feel the impact of high fuel prices even more because they travel long distances to access services and they have fewer options of where to purchase fuel...
Draft report

Monitoring of wholesale and retail markets for fuel ethanol 2016-17: draft report

This report presents IPART's draft findings on the retail market for E10, along with the draft findings on the wholesale ethanol market and the form of price regulation needed in that market.

Report on the Brisbane petrol market

Under new arrangements to monitor the prices, costs and profits of unleaded petroleum products, the ACCC has prepared this short report on the Brisbane petrol market.
Discussion paper

Review of electricity and gas retail markets in Victoria: discussion paper

This discussion paper seeks comments to inform the review of electricity and gas retail markets in Victoria.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Will Abbott's fuel excise hike cost families 40c a week?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims the reintroduction of fuel excise indexation will cost the average family 40 cents a week in the first year.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are the big chains' discount vouchers forcing small petrol stations out of business?

Newspaper advertisements placed by Independent retailers claim unsubsidised petrol stations cannot compete if discounts offered by supermarket chains go above 6 or 7 cents per litre.
Working paper

Gasoline prices, gasoline consumption, and new-vehicle fuel economy: evidence for a large sample of countries

Countries differ considerably in terms of the price drivers pay for gasoline. Using data from a large sample of countries, this paper provides new evidence regarding the implications of these differences of the consumption of gasoline for road transport and the fuel economy of new...

Subsidising fuel won't deal with long-term problems

Consumers only receive part of the benefit of fuel subsidies, writes Flavio Menezes.

Inquiry into the price of unleaded petrol: issues paper

In early June 2007 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), via its ongoing monitoring of petrol prices, detected a substantial divergence between movements in domestic petrol prices and movements in the international benchmark price for refined petrol.

Australia’s future oil supply and alternative transport fuels

This report looks at Australia's future oil supply and alternative transport fuels, with particular reference to: a) projections of oil production and demand in Australia and globally and the implications for availability and pricing of transport fuels in Australia; b) potential of new sources of...

Petrol prices in Australia

This Senate report looks at the relationship between the landed price of crude oil, refining costs, the wholesale price and the retail price of petrol; regional differences in the retail price of petrol; variations in the retail price of petrol at particular times; the industry's...

Fuel taxation proposals

In the 2003-04 Budget the federal government proposed changes to the way some fuels are taxed. The proposals, if implemented, would have important consequences. This Current Issues Brief examines the background to the proposals and their possible consequences.

Economics of war with Iraq

This brief examines the likely macroeconomic effects of war with Iraq, implications for oil prices as well as business and consumer confidence and the effect on Australia's level of activity, trade flows, employment and inflation.