Social sector commissioning

This document outlines the response to conversations the Government held with the social sector so far and the next steps that will be taken towards a better system that supports better outcomes.

Evaluation of the Giving Circles at Work pilot

Giving circles are a form of collective giving, which generally involve donors joining together to pool their funds, then collectively deciding when and to whom the funds are to be distributed. This evaluation found that overall satisfaction with participating in the pilot was positive, and...

The giving experience – overcoming the barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK

This report is written for fundraisers from the donor perspective. It reflects their experiences and perceptions of working with fundraising organisations, identifying the reported barriers to giving and provides insight on how to overcome those barriers by understanding what makes wealthy donors tick.

Dear baby boomers: Australian philanthropy needs your help

A picture of what philanthropy looks like in Australia, and why we have an opportunity to improve our giving culture.

Asian-Australian diaspora philanthropy

The growth of Asian diaspora communities and understanding the nature of Asian-Australian giving is essential for Australia's traditional philanthropic sector to engage more closely with Asian-Australian donors to ensure common goals and visions are achieved.
Briefing paper

Private sector support for the arts in Australia: background statistical paper

Private sector support for the arts in Australia, highlights the essential role philanthropy and corporate sponsorship plays in the sustainability of the Australia’s creative sector.
Journal article

What makes for a collaborative philanthropic partnership?

Indigenous women’s social enterprise, Marnin Studio and SVA describe what it takes from ‘venture’ and ‘funder’.

Australia’s rich give little - and a culture of secrecy surrounds their philanthropy

Wealth in Australia is becoming heavily concentrated among a tiny, super-wealthy elite. Manifestations of this inequality include signs of obscene wealth and extreme poverty. Governments are struggling to tackle this problem. But could philanthropy be part of the solution? The altruistic behaviour of some of...

Ageing well in three culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities

Ageing in a multicultural Australia has been identified by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (The Foundation) as a key priority area going forward. The Ageing Well in Three Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities research project was an exploratory two-stage project which sought to discover...

You've got $7 billion – so how will you fund the arts?

Last year the Australian Bureau of Statistics did the maths – government spends about A$7 billion annually in Australia on arts and culture. The exact dollar figure varies depending on what we count, but it includes heritage, broadcasting and botanical gardens, along with all the...