Conference paper

Towards a Lean behaviour evaluation system in Latin American construction

This research seeks to identify the main competences of professionals in charge of Lean implementations in Construction Projects from a Latin American point of view, as a basis for the development of key behavioural indicators (KBI).

Oh, the Humanities

We often hear that the academic Humanities and social sciences are in crisis—underfunded, out of touch with the job market, hamstrung by political correctness and moral relativism. So why study philosophy? And could a good dose of scientific method help to solve the problem—if indeed...
Journal article

Why (not) political philosophy?

Why political philosophy? Why do I read it, teach it and encourage others to engage in it? Simply, because I am driven to it by my practice as a public servant. I have spent a great deal of my working life in meetings where we...

The life of the mind

“Don’t tell me you’re going to spend your life looking for the soul?” Brett Evans meets the philosopher David Chalmers.

Forward thinking: learning and teaching philosophy in Australian universities

The principal aim of the project was to record the state of tertiary teaching of philosophy in Australia and to provide benchmarking data on philosophy at the following levels: the teaching academics, the structure and composition of the philosophy major, and the teaching of philosophy...