Place-based child and family services



When home becomes the workplace: family violence, practitioner wellbeing and remote service delivery during COVID-19 restrictions

This report draws attention to the wellbeing considerations for Victorian practitioners working remotely to support people experiencing and using violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides critical insights into how practitioners can be supported remotely to do this incredibly challenging, yet crucial work.

Aboriginal family preservation and restoration model guidelines

This paper outlines a model framework developed by AbSec in partnership with Aboriginal Community controlled Organisations (ACCO) Intensive Based Family Services practitioners and Protecting Aboriginal Children Together (PACT) practitioners.

Aboriginal workforce development statewide strategy 2020–2025

This strategy document identifies ways to strengthen the Aboriginal workforce as part of the government’s commitment to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal children and families.

Implementation and emerging outcomes evaluation of the Place-Based Initiatives

The purpose of the Place-Based Initiatives (PBI) model is to improve outcomes for at-risk children and their whānau by shifting collective decision-making and discretion to the local level. In 2016, Cabinet selected three PBI sites: Manaaki Tairāwhiti, South Auckland Social Wellbeing Board, and Kāinga Ora...

Planning for welcoming and inclusive communities: guidelines for regional growth

This document is written with local stakeholders in mind: councils, community groups, volunteers, service providers, regional development authorities, employers, business associations, and multicultural organisations. Each have a role to play according to the characteristics and needs of their settlement destination.

Place-based evaluation framework: a guide for evaluation of place-based approaches in Australia

The Department of Social Services and Queensland Government Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors have co-commissioned the development of an evaluation framework and toolkit for evaluating place-based delivery approaches. The framework was tested with Logan Together (Qld) as proof of concept.
Discussion paper

Expenditure on children in the Northern Territory: issues paper

This is a study about government expenditure on children and family services in the Northern Territory. It will focus on funding arrangements for services and programs that are relevant to the prevention of harm to children, and will examine ways to improve those funding arrangements...
Literature review

Place-based approaches to child and family services

This paper synthesizes the conceptual and empirical literature on place-based approaches to meeting the needs of young children and their families. A specific focus of the paper is on the potential contribution of place-based approaches to service reconfiguration and coordination. Outline