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Place-based policy

Place-based services

A just green recovery from COVID-19

The COVID-19 recovery window offers a rare opportunity to transform economies and accelerate the green transition. This paper examines green recovery measures through the lens of a 'just transition'. The authors highlight promising examples of just and green recovery measures in various countries, and suggest...
Policy report

Place-based policy options for entrepreneurship in a post-COVID Canada

Conceding that while the Canadian regional dynamic will never be fully immunised from economic inequities, the authors of this report believe that the proposals they outline will provide a workable, place-responsive, and efficient means of leveraging the post-COVID recovery as a catalyst for a stronger...
Conference paper

The community is not a place and why it matters. Case study: Green Square

The conflation of community with place in planning is so ubiquitous, and so clearly well intentioned that it almost seems churlish to point out that if there is one thing that a community is not these days, it is a place.

Blueprint: regional and community job deals

This blueprint advances CPD’s work on improving employment services in place by showing how this approach can be scaled up across the nation in pivotal regions and places. It illustrates a pathway for implementing, governing and funding place-based initiatives for long-lasting impact on Australia's jobs...
Working paper

To them that hath: economic complexity and local industrial strategy in the UK

Faced with rising regional inequality and stagnating growth, policymakers in advanced economies are increasingly looking for measures to boost productivity while addressing highly uneven economic development. In this paper, the authors provide some useful insights into regional specialisation patterns.

Place-based evaluation framework: a guide for evaluation of place-based approaches in Australia

The Department of Social Services and Queensland Government Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors have co-commissioned the development of an evaluation framework and toolkit for evaluating place-based delivery approaches. The framework was tested with Logan Together (Qld) as proof of concept.
Journal article

Understanding the motivations for return migration in Australia

Return migration is often overlooked by traditional analyses of internal migration. Why people return has received even less scrutiny. Relatively few migrants make a return move, so there is clearly something noteworthy about these people and their circumstances that trigger such a move. This paper...
Conference paper

The "spoils of history" as a mediated product

It is the purpose of this paper to engage with the challenge of interpreting situations and events in history so that they can be realized as forms of ‘mediated products’. The process and action of mediation has more to do with the ‘domestication’ of ‘the...

Fresh water literacies: transdisciplinary learning for place and eco justice

The aim of the Fresh Water Literacies Project was to build on primary aged students' understanding of the importance and finite availability of natural resources.
Briefing paper

Place-based collective impact: an Australian response to childhood vulnerability

This Policy Brief outlines a different approach for addressing the complex nature of childhood vulnerability in communities experiencing high levels of disadvantage – a place-based collective impact approach.