Policy analysis

Policy advice

Multicultural policy since 2010: a quick guide

This quick guide provides an overview of the past decade of federal government policy on multiculturalism in Australia.

2020 Strategic foresight report: charting the course towards a more resilient Europe

This first annual strategic foresight report presents the European Commission’s strategy to integrate strategic foresight into EU policy-making.
Working paper

The Treasury Macroeconometric Model of Australia: modelling approach

The Treasury Macroeconometric Model of Australia (EMMA) is a framework to support macroeconomic forecasting, and counterfactual policy and scenario analysis at the Treasury. It has been developed, tested and used since 2018. The focus of this paper is to outline the model’s structure and describe...

Public engagement and net zero

This report argues that the government must do more to involve the public in designing policies to help the United Kingdom transition to a zero-carbon economy. The report sets out recommendations for when and how policy makers should engage with citizens and residents.

An informed and independent voice

To mark its establishment in August 2001, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has published this intellectual history of its work over two decades. The story of how the institute did that job is told by ASPI’s journalist fellow, Graeme Dobell. He writes that ASPI has...

Funding for public research into foreign policy issues

For the purposes of this inquiry, the Committee accepted a broad definition of both foreign policy, and foreign policy research, in order to explore all the evidence provided. This inquiry report primarily explores the role of government funding of foreign policy research and analysis.

Integrating wellbeing into the business of government: the feasibility of innovative legal and policy measures to achieve sustainable development in Australia

The findings outlined in this report provide practical insight into innovative approaches to translate sustainable development into national, state and local laws and/or policies.
Journal article

Public inquiries as procedural policy tools

In this journal article, the authors conceptualise the public inquiry as a procedural tool and address the question of what makes a public inquiry an effective policy instrument.

Gridlock: removing barriers to policy reform

Australia’s governance has deteriorated over recent decades. This report shows how weaker governance means that governments are adopting less policy reform – changes to policy that would improve the lives of Australians.
Policy report

Big picture essays on Australian Indigenous policy: deep structures and decolonising

This publication comprises three, big picture essays reflecting on Australian Indigenous policy over the last half century.