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Container stevedoring monitoring report 2020-21

This report presents information on the financial and operational performance of the monitored container stevedores, as well as observations regarding key developments within the sector relating to COVID-19 and prior supply chain transformation, competition and port regulation.

'Lead me to the harbour!': plotting Darwin harbour's future course

In this report, the authors seek to move Australia’s public policy discourse on the future of Darwin port beyond a binary choice. In doing so, they consider the harbour’s history, the nature of its strategic importance to Australia and our allies, and opportunities for its...
Case study

Collaborative nation building: Port of Townsville case study

This report looks at what’s happening in the Townsville region, using the Port of Townsville as an example of what’s possible when planning and embarking upon major infrastructure developments. It also examines what others at the regional, state and national levels of government can pursue...

Freight and ports sector review

This report looks at the freight sector elements of the national infrastructure. The report identifies international 'megatrends' in the sector, and assesses their likely impact on the New Zealand freight and ports sector.
Discussion paper

Independent review of the Victorian ports system: discussion paper

The Independent Review of the Victorian Ports System was formally launched by the Minister for Ports and Freight, the Hon. Melissa Horne, at a Ports Round Table event on 30 January 2020. The release of this discussion paper for public comment is an important step...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Warren Truss inflates the impact of GrainCorp's sale on ports

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss claims if the sale of GrainCorp proceeds international companies will control Australia's ports and handling facilities, and decisions will be made in foreign boardrooms.

Governance and legislative issues for critical infrastructure adaptation to climate change

The impacts of climate change for ports will include increased run-off and siltation requiring increased dredging; disturbance and distribution of currently entrained heavy metals and other pollutants; delays to berthing and cargo handling; coastal flooding; and required engineering upgrades to wharfs, piers, gantries and other...

Inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities: final report

This inquiry examined import-export supply chains, inter/intra state supply chains, urban supply chains and supply chain integration, which included resource and agricultural freight and regional and remote freight.

Westport: what you have told us

The Westport Taskforce has released this consultation report, which outlines the community feedback received during the first round of consultation on the development of the Westport Ports and Environs Strategy.
Discussion paper

Westport: preparing for the strategy

This paper sets the scene for the Westport Strategy.
Journal article

New Zealand’s port and harbour marine safety code: a case study in regulation

This article is a case study of the journey that led to the inaugural annual national forum on the 2016 New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code which took place in July 2017 in Wellington.
Discussion paper

Second container port advice - evidence base discussion paper

This discussion paper provides an overview of the evidence Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its advice to the Special Minister of State on when and where the Government should invest in new container port capacity for the State. This is not our advice to...
Discussion paper

Preparing advice on Victoria's future ports capacity

The Special Minister of State has asked Infrastructure Victoria to provide advice on the future capacity of Victoria’s commercial ports. This paper sets out the scope of our advice, and how we plan to prepare it. In particular, in line with the Minister’s request, we...
Conference paper

The changing port-city interface: moving towards sustainability?

In this paper, it is argued that the recognition of changing urban contexts, awareness of environmental issues, fair processes and a comprehensive redevelopment plan are essential to garner community support and to avoid piecemeal redevelopment.

Perth freight link: good idea, wrong port

The Perth Freight Link (PFL) has been announced as a major transport opportunity to solve the heavy goods truck problems in Perth. By taking trucks via a toll road around an extended Roe Highway, through Stock Road and Leach Highway to the Fremantle Inner Harbour...

Too many ports in a storm: the risks of Queensland’s port duplication

Too many ports in a storm provides a comprehensive overview of the perverse incentives and weaknesses in Queensland’s current approach to port development. As the mining investment boom turns to bust, Queensland’s port capacity has already shifted from a shortfall to a surplus. Coal ports...