Preservice teacher education

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Pre-service teacher training
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Fact Check: Are marks to get into teaching getting lower and lower?

Opposition education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek, who has long expressed concerns about the quality of teacher education courses in Australia, says marks to get into teaching are getting lower and lower. Is that right?

Celebrating cultural diversity: resources for students and practitioners

Promoting inclusive education in practice, the celebrating cultural diversity program aims to support international pre-service teachers to experience success in their professional experience placements.
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Design, technologies and industry partnerships

This paper explores the outcomes of the initial phase of an industry-focussed STEM project which places final year Design and Technology pre-service teachers (PST) into industry placements.
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Designing for diverse learning: case study of place-based learning in Design and Technologies pre-service teacher education

This study reports on the design and development processes that pre-service teachers adopted to produce a sensory teaching resource to stimulate interaction, coordination and fine motor skills for students with diverse learning needs.

Teaching Teachers: The Influences on the Primary Science Pedagogy of First Year Pre-Service Teachers at Two New Zealand Universities

This study investigated the influences of teacher educators and university coursework on the primary science pedagogy of first year pre-service teachers at two New Zealand universities. The mixed methods study employed a constructivist and an interprevist lens and evaluated data collected from the Preferred and...
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Anti-racism and pre-service teacher education: advocating for intersectional privilege studies

A key aim for teacher education must be to bridge the divide between the backgrounds of pre-service teachers and the increasingly diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, gender and socio-economic backgrounds of the students they will one day teach. This paper discusses an anti-racism framework for teacher...

Building quality in teaching and teacher education

AER 61 discusses the contemporary influences on initial teacher education, with particular attention to the notion of quality teaching, and the role of teacher education and teacher educators in the development of quality teachers. Section 1 introduces the key concept of ‘quality’ and explores the...
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Digital technologies and performative pedagogies: Repositioning the visual

Images are becoming a primary means of information presentation in the digitized global media and digital technologies have emancipated and democratized the image. This allows for the reproduction and manipulation of images on a scale never seen before and opens new possibilities for teachers schooled...

Time for a national approach to teacher quality

A new paper by STEPHEN DINHAM, LAWRENCE INGVARSON and ELIZABETH KLEINHENZ outlines an ambitious proposal to revitalise teaching.