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Preservice teacher education

Policy report

A shorter path to teaching: exploring one-year postgraduate qualifications

Australia faces major teacher workforce challenges, especially in STEM subjects and rural schools. In recent years, the number of commencing Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students has been lower in most jurisdictions than in previous times. In this paper, the author argues that, compared to other...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are marks to get into teaching getting lower and lower?

Opposition education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek, who has long expressed concerns about the quality of teacher education courses in Australia, says marks to get into teaching are getting lower and lower. Is that right?

Building quality in teaching and teacher education

AER 61 discusses the contemporary influences on initial teacher education, with particular attention to the notion of quality teaching, and the role of teacher education and teacher educators in the development of quality teachers. Section 1 introduces the key concept of ‘quality’ and explores the...

Investing in teachers

Investing in teachers analysed Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) experience and identified lessons for improving teacher development policies and programs. The evaluation provides a typology of intervention options, in-depth case studies and contrasting cases to highlight achievements and challenges in different development contexts.
Literature review

Supporting teacher development: literature review

The review describes examples from different countries of practices in educational policy and teacher development focused on enhancing teacher quality. It identifies policies that support teacher development as well as the characteristics of effective pre-service teacher education programs and of high-quality professional learning programs for...
Report collection

Initial teacher education: data report 2014

Chair’s Foreword I am pleased to introduce AITSL’s second Initial Teacher Education: Data Report. Since we released the first report in May 2013, the debate over the quality and direction of initial teacher education has intensified. The first data report has contributed to the quality...

Evaluation of the implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

This report presents the initial analysis of baseline findings from the Evaluation of the implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. It comprises analysis of findings from key 2013 data collection activities – the National Forum and National Survey. These activities investigated stakeholders’ knowledge...

Teaching Teachers: The Influences on the Primary Science Pedagogy of First Year Pre-Service Teachers at Two New Zealand Universities

This study investigated the influences of teacher educators and university coursework on the primary science pedagogy of first year pre-service teachers at two New Zealand universities. The mixed methods study employed a constructivist and an interprevist lens and evaluated data collected from the Preferred and...