Property development

Conference paper

Engaging citizens and communities in urban planning: learning from recent Australian and international experiments

The aim of this paper is to reflect on lessons emerging from the recent Australian and international renewal of interest in engaging citizens and communities in urban planning and development processes.
Conference paper

The governance role of councils in urban development: lessons from the USA

This paper provides a new frame of reference for addressing the governance role of councils in ensuring good urban development and illustrates this with examples drawn from a four week study tour of 18 new urbanist developments in the USA undertaken by the author in...
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Public awareness and the politics of urban growth

Using the ADI St Mary’s site to explore long standing issues in the planning and management of urban development, this paper identifies the generic nature of issues such as constraining the scale of development and empowering people in specific contexts, resulting from a complex interplay...
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Planning under-empowerment and urban over-development in inner Sydney

Exploring the way in which the exercise of power by developers, stemming from superior money-based resources, distorts planning processes, this paper looks at how urban over-development can occur even when planning controls to limit development to levels acceptable to the community are in place.
Discussion paper

Activating the Harbour City

This paper outlines a proposal to deliver Sydneysiders continuous foreshore access from the iconic Sydney Opera House to the rapidly expanding geographic centre of Sydney - the Parramatta CBD.
Case study

Victoria's commercial land use zoning

This case study explores the implementation and impacts of changes to Victoria’s commercial zones over the past decade. Victoria’s experience suggests it is possible to introduce greater flexibility into zoning arrangements with positive outcomes.

Managing development contributions

Development contributions are payments or in-kind works, facilities or services that developers and landowners provide towards the supply of infrastructure. This audit examined whether development contributions provide required infrastructure to new and growing communities as intended.
Discussion paper

Review of the 2015 Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy

The Morrison Government is reviewing arrangements for telecommunications in new developments. The current Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy, released in March 2015, provides the framework for this access, while also fostering competition between network providers to service developments.
Draft report

Planning guidelines for golf course redevelopment: draft

These guidelines provide guidance to local councils, the Victorian government, golf courses and clubs, and the development sector, on the key planning steps and considerations for the future development of surplus golf course land.
Briefing paper

The NSW planning system

This e-brief provides an overview of the NSW planning system as of 18 July 2019, including an appended glossary of common planning acronyms. It also outlines the objects of the system, the roles and responsibilities of key public authorities, and the avenues by which the...