Prudential regulation



Made by government: New Zealand's monetary policy mess

Central banks, above all, are responsible for overseeing financial stability and controlling inflation. This research note suggests that the poor governance arrangements, conflicting goals, grandiose aspirations and distractions, along with the excessive budget and lack of core expertise in key appointments, have created the current...
Discussion paper

Strengthening prudential requirements for remuneration: discussion paper

In this discussion paper, APRA proposes creating a new prudential standard to better align remuneration frameworks with the long-term interests of entities and their stakeholders, including customers and shareholders.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority capability review

This review was recommended by the Hayne Royal Commission. The damaging revelations revealed during the Commission’s inquiry have had a profound impact on the community. Trust in the financial system and its regulators has diminished. Community expectations about the role of regulators have been heightened.
Briefing paper

Self-assessments of governance, accountability and culture: information paper

APRA has released this report analysing the self-assessments carried out by 36 of the country’s largest banks, insurers and superannuation licensees, in response to the final report of the Prudential Inquiry into Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

APRA's enforcement approach

This document sets out how APRA will use its enforcement powers to prevent and address serious prudential risks, and to hold entities and individuals to account.

Enforcement strategy review: final report

From November 2018 to March 2019, APRA conducted an extensive, forward-looking review of its enforcement strategy. The review examined the appropriateness of APRA’s enforcement strategy and infrastructure, and assessed how enforcement should interact with APRA’s core role of prudential supervision.

Prudential Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia: final report

This report is comprehensive and contains a large number of findings and recommendations. Its overarching conclusion is that "CBA’s continued financial success dulled the senses of the institution," particularly in relation to the management of non-financial risks.

Remuneration practices at large financial institutions

APRA has released the results of a review of remuneration practices at large financial institutions, which found considerable room for improvement in the design and implementation of executive remuneration structures.
Discussion paper

Governance, fit and proper, audit and disclosure requirements for private health insurers: discussion paper

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has announced a package of proposed measures designed to improving governance and decision-making in the private health insurance sector.

Prudential Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia: progress report

APRA has released this progress report by the panel appointed by APRA to conduct a Prudential Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).
Briefing paper

Strengthening banking system resilience – establishing unquestionably strong capital ratios

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has announced its assessment on the additional capital required for the Australian banking sector to have capital ratios that are considered ‘unquestionably strong’.
Working paper

Australian Prudential Regulation before and after the Global Financial Crisis

This paper reviews the nature of Australian bank prudential regulation before and after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). It begins by providing a detailed conceptual framework for understanding the functions of banks and deposit-takers, the theory of what can go wrong with the operation of...

Operations of private health insurers 2014-2015

This report is prepared pursuant to section 167 of the Private Health Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2015. The report details the operations of private health insurers including details about: premiums and other amounts payable to the fund; fund benefits and other amounts payable out of...