Public servants

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Public service employment
Government employees

Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce strategy 2020–24

This strategy provides an important framework to increase Indigenous employment outcomes across the Commonwealth public sector.

Reform of the centre of government

This short paper offers a diagnosis of the problem facing the government ‘machine’, a review of the changes recently made to it, and the Institute for Government’s recommendations on further reforms that most benefit the government, the civil service and the UK public.
Briefing paper

The macroeconomic impact of the NSW public sector pay cut

The NSW government plan to cut the pay of public servants and spend more money on capital works will likely lead to a reduction of 1,100 jobs, according to this analysis by the Australia Institute.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does the federal public service employ fewer people than Woolworths?

Shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh claims the public sector is relatively small by international standards, employing just 18 per cent of Australian workers:

Personnel security: due diligence over public service employees

In this audit, the Victorian Auditor-General examined personnel security measures at all eight government departments, and the Victorian Public Service Commission. The report specifically assesses agencies’ employment screening practices and how they are managing conflict of interest risks during recruitment.

A history of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, 1980–2020

For 40 years IPAA has provided its members with a safe and collegial environment for debate and discussion as an independent, apolitical, non-partisan national organisation for the betterment of public administration in Australia.

The state of the public sector in Victoria 2018–2019

The 2018–2019 State of the Public Sector in Victoria report provides a profile of the Victorian public sector, its workforce, executives and boards of governance.
Discussion paper

A fair and responsive public service for all: issues paper

This is a review of legislation governing public employment—primarily the Public Service Act 2008 but also other Acts dealing with employment, such as the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011. There are more than 90 such Acts in Queensland. This issues paper is an opportunity...

A fair and responsive public service for all

This report finalises an intensive review of public sector employment laws in Queensland and recommends changes that include different language and concepts about how and why people work for the State Government in its various guises.

Navigating to senior leadership in the Australian Public Service: identifying barriers and enablers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in APS employment

This commissioned report examines enablers and barriers which act to support or impede career progression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to senior levels in the Australian Public Service (APS). It draws on fifty in-depth interviews with current or former Aboriginal and Torres Strait...