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Public value

Social value

State of volunteering in Victoria 2020

This report provides the most contemporary overview of the value of volunteering in Victoria. The report shows the astounding economic value of volunteering, which is estimated to represent $60 billion of value to the state.
Journal article

Taking on a wider view: public value interests of construction clients in a changing construction industry

Public administration literature mainly addresses the importance of procedural and performance values in safeguarding public values, however, safeguarding the quality of the built environment also requires a focus on product values. In this study, we aim to increase the understanding of the meaning and significance...
Journal article

Beyond policies and social washing: how social procurement unfolds in practice

An important feature of social procurement used to mitigate issues with social exclusion is employment requirements, which aim to create internships for unemployed marginalized people. Findings show that practitioners must handle the tension between old and new practices, and strike a balance between fulfilling formal...
Journal article

Toward a holistic view on lean sustainable construction: a literature review

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of “how Lean helps achieve and maintain sustainability in construction sector”. The findings are structured into a holistic framework, which underlines a multidimensional approach toward sustainability, i.e., focus on stakeholders, across various construction phases, while simultaneously being...
Report collection

The Living Pavilion research report

This report provides a summary of the design, programming and research conducted at The Living Pavilion, a regenerative placemaking project which took place at the University of Melbourne.

Front and centre: putting social value at the heart of inclusive growth

The Social Value Act came into force in early 2013, requiring commissioning bodies to think about wider social and environmental benefits when procuring new services. This report explores the extent to which the Act has helped government, in particular local authorities, to deliver on their...

Value added: how better government procurement can build a fairer Britain

A staggering 25 of the UK government’s 34 'strategic suppliers' have operations in tax havens, according to this report, which explores how central government could use public procurement more effectively to bring about a fairer economy.

Artistic vibrancy: a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact

This framework is a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact internally and with others. It offers a way to capture the value arts and culture create for the society, economy and community.

Social impacts of culture and the arts WA: final report

Artistic and cultural organisations are increasingly being required to justify the funding they receive through the direct benefits associated with their activities. This report and its application are part of the further development of the overall Public Value Measurement model.
Conference proceedings

Understanding public value workshop: report on proceedings

The Understanding Public Value workshop was held on 11-12 July 2019 at the University of Queensland. This workshop aimed to contribute to expanding our understanding of ‘public value’ and in so doing, better understand how it contributes to public policy research and practice.