Recreational cannabis


Market structure for recreational cannabis

This report outlines BERL's recommended structure for the potential legal recreational cannabis market in line with Government objectives and market decisions agreed by Cabinet.

Cannabis: how it affects our health

This report summarises the current research evidence on the health impacts of cannabis and cannabinoids to assist these communities in considering the opportunities and risks associated with cannabis use.

Climate chaos, cannabis, housing scarcity and deliberation: public engagement in 2019

With evidence-based case examples from the UK, Canada, USA and Australia, this e-book not only provides a commentary on issues that have challenged public engagement in 2019, but brings together the transformative potential of engaged communities.

Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis, in a New South Wales Rural Area

This study examined the prevalence of driving under the influence of cannabis (DUIC), and DUIC and alcohol together, in an area of Australia with a high number of young cannabis users. The prevalence of DUIC alone, and in combination with alcohol, appears to be low...

The economic and social benefits and costs of legalising recreational cannabis in Queensland: a preliminary examination

Cannabis has been consumed in Queensland in large amounts for many decades. However, consuming cannabis for recreational purposes is currently illegal. Queensland has the highest number of cannabis related arrests of any Australian state or territory, including for the past 15 years, with 23,850 arrests...