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Displaced persons
Refugees policy

Multicultural and Settlement services supporting women experiencing violence: The MuSeS project

There is increasing interest in reaching migrant and refugee women experiencing family violence through settlement and multicultural services. This is because evidence suggests that women who have resettled in Australia face a range of particular and additional barriers that can hinder access to violence-specific services...
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Fact Check: Will Australia's refugee intake in 2015-16 be the highest since WWII?

The Government has responded to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Middle East by announcing Australia will take an additional 12,000 refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq in 2015-16, which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims amounts to the single larges
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Fact Check: The Government says Australians will lose out on medical help if refugees are brought here for treatment. Is that correct?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Coalition frontbenchers say Australians face being kicked off hospital waiting lists by an influx of asylum seekers and refugees seeking medical treatment in Australia under the so-called medevac legislation.
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Fact Check: Liberal MP Kelly O'Dwyer incorrect on Australia's refugee intake

Liberal MP Kelly O'Dwyer claims Australia has one of the highest per capita refugee intakes in the world.
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Fact Check: Does Australia run the most generous refugee program per capita in the world?

Coalition Senator George Brandis claims that, per capita, Australia runs the most generous refugee and humanitarian migration program in the world.
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The Rohingya response in Bangladesh and the Global Compact on Refugees

This report explores how far the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) – adopted by 181 UN Member States, including Bangladesh, in December 2018 – has informed the response to the Rohingya crisis.

‘People are crying and begging’: the human cost of forced relocations in immigration detention

The practice of moving detainees around Australia’s immigration detention network is doubly unjustifiable on economic and humanitarian grounds

Economic and social impact of increasing Australia’s humanitarian intake

Oxfam Australia commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to analyse the economic and social impact an expanded refugee program may have on Australia’s economy and society. This report outlines the findings.

Refugees as assets not burdens: the role of policy

This publication argues that in an increasingly interconnected world, greater human mobility should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a risk, a vehicle for expanding growth, trade, and human capital accumulation.

Delivery of the Humanitarian Settlement Program

The Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) assists eligible people to settle in Australia, and is part of the federal government’s broader humanitarian program. The objective of this audit was to examine whether the HSP is being delivered effectively.