Rooming houses

Conference paper

Shared room housing in Sydney: regulatory and enforcement challenges and policy responses

This paper argues that there is a need for regulatory and policy reforms, such as reviews of tenancy regulations for secure occupancy, affordable housing models/designs, and efficient monitoring and reconciliation systems to address tenants’ challenges in the shared housing sector.

Private rooming house decline in metropolitan Melbourne: development of an information and resource guide

This research was prompted by two concerns: that the decline of rooming houses would create further demand for crisis, transitional and public housing, and increase pressure on health and other homeless services; and the recognition that the private rooming house sector needs support in order...

Five years of the Boarding House Act 2012 in New South Wales

This report finds that while the Boarding Houses Act 2012 was an historic step forward which has brought some improvement, it has not created the real change needed for the residents of boarding houses in New South Wales.

Rooming house standards taskforce Chairperson's report

There is increasing evidence that in response to Melbourne’s tight rental market, a new model of for-profit rooming house provider has emerged.

A roof over your head is not a home – South Australian rooming houses

This article, by ShelterSA Executive Director, Alice Clark, is about for-profit rooming houses in South Australia.

The end of the road: rooming housing in South Australia

This study, conducted by Shelter SA, the peak body for housing in South Australia, constitutes the first methodical look at rooming housing in South Australia since 2003.

Rooming house futures: governing for growth, transparency and fairness

Examines the policy and practical challenges being encountered in the development of a legitimate and viable rooming/boarding house sector, and how might these best be overcome through an improved regulatory regime and other measures to address a range of housing needs. Executive summary This Discussion...