School fees


Discussion paper

Ensuring choice: a mechanism to control non-government school fees

Australia has one of the highest proportions of students enrolled in non-government schools in the OECD. Over the last decade, fees at independent schools have risen by over 50% nationwide - far outstripping both inflation and wage growth, and creating an affordability crisis for families...

Less choice, less affordability: the private school subsidy paradox

The decades-long expansion of public funding to private schools has done the opposite of what its proponents claim.

ASG parents report card 2017

This report describes Australian parents’ beliefs about the capacity of the current education environment to meet the educational needs of their children. The report is based on a survey of Australian ASG members and non-members conducted in May 2017.

ASG parents report card 2016

The second edition of the ASG Parents Report 2016 investigates the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspective, and to understand how parents feel about the current educational environment in meeting their children’s learning needs. The 2016 report captures a broader snapshot of the...

ASG parents report card 2015

The ASG Parents Report Card investigates the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspectives. The ASG Parents Report Card measured parents’ perceptions of the state of education in the two countries using three indexes: the Aspirations Index; the Educational Resources Index, and the Learning...
Technical report

Can we afford free public education?

If you're a parent of a public school student who's paying for all the extras like excursions, laptops or more books for the library you might question the idea that public schools are free. But the idea of school fees for public education has proven...

How much do public schools really cost? Estimating the relationship between house prices and school quality

This paper investigates the relationship between housing prices and the quality of public schools in the Australian Capital Territory.

Tax deductibility of donations to school building funds

Private school fees are not tax deductible in Australia. Nor are fees or levies paid to public schools. However, many private schools and some public schools operate building or library funds to which parents and ex-students are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations. These donations can...

Valuing education: a response to the Australia Institute report 'Buying an Education'

A recent Australia Institute report dismissing non-government schools as irrelevant to student achievement is seriously flawed, argues Jennifer Buckingham. The report contends that parents would be wiser to save money they might spend on non-government schooling, and use it for a full-fee university place. Its...

Buying an education: where are the returns highest?

The Australian education system is currently experiencing rapid change at all levels. This paper considers the recent trends in private school enrolments and fees in light of the new university arrangements which allow for Australian citizens to enrol as full fee paying students rather than...