SES volunteers

State Emergency Services volunteers

Discussion paper

Issues paper: firefighting and emergency services personnel and equipment

This paper provides a brief overview of some of the issues that affect firefighters and other emergency service providers, and poses a number of questions concerning how they are recruited, trained and supported; how their equipment is managed; how they communicate during an emergency; and...
Discussion paper

All-hazards risk management and emergency management priorities in Australia: discussion paper

Part of a Master thesis titled “Valuing Volunteers: Better understanding the primary motives for volunteering in Australian emergency service”, this discussion paper critically analyses the all-hazards risk management policy context within which Australian emergency services operate, in order to evaluate the efficacy and integrity of...

Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary motives for volunteering in Australian emergency services

This thesis, the Valuing Volunteers Study, aims to provide a better understanding of the primary motives for formal volunteering in Australian emergency services, through the empirical examination of the shared and contrasting values of a sample of emergency service volunteers.

Management of volunteers - NSW State Emergency Service

This audit found that the NSW State Emergency Service cannot be assured that it has sufficient volunteers to respond to future demands. Introduction The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) is the lead agency responsible for preparing the community for and responding to storm, flood and...