Sex work

Sex-oriented businesses


Manifesto for sex-positive social media

This publication sets out guiding principles that platforms, governments, policy-makers and other stakeholders ought to take into account in their design, moderation and regulation practices. It builds upon the generative work currently underway with the proliferation of alternative, independent collectives and cooperatives, who are designing...

Colonization, homelessness, and the prostitution and sex trafficking of native women

This paper seeks to illustrate the impact of human trafficking on Native women and girls, with particular attention to the historical context in the United States and the interconnection between trafficking and housing instability.
Discussion paper

Reforming regulation of the sex industry in the Northern Territory: discussion paper

This paper explores the issues faced by sex workers, regulators and the wider community and explore possible options for government to consider in reforming the Northern Territory sex industry as best practice for work health and safety, and include an overview of regulation of the...
Briefing paper

My health record - briefing paper

This paper has been developed to educate people living with HIV, sex workers and people who use and inject drugs about the advantages/disadvantages of the electronic medical record system, My Health Record (MHR).

Migrant sex workers in Australia

There has been little research conducted on the experiences of migrant sex workers both internationally and within Australia. This is despite widespread media and other reports highlighting the perception of migrant sex workers as particularly vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. This report focuses on...

The sex industry in New South Wales

This report examines the health and welfare outcomes of legislative reforms affecting the NSW sex industry.
Conference paper

(De)sexing the suburbs: the politics and planning regulation of brothels in Perth/WA

This paper considers, first, the historical and contemporary geography of brothels in Perth and policies/legislation that sought to control such activities in the past. Next, the politics and policy solutions of the current Liberal State government and previous Labour government are examined to identify the...
Conference paper

The complexity of the sexual city: defining the sex industry premise

This paper considers a variety of definitions and classifications of sex industry premises within NSW. In order to regulate effectively in the future, policy makers need to define activities accurately to reduce ambiguity and minimise problems in a highly contentious industry.
Conference paper

Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in Sydney

The sex industry in Sydney is currently regulated through all levels of Australian government. New South Wales is seen as leading the charge within Australia for its neoliberal market model of occupational and premises regulation.

Sex workers and sexual assault in Australia: prevalence, risk and safety

This paper provides a review of contemporary research on the sexual assault of sex workers in Australia, focussing predominantly on the safety of sex workers in their work contexts.

The licensing of sex work in Australia and New Zealand

Licensing of the sex industry is often seen as a better form of regulation than criminalisation or partial criminalisation. Thomas Crofts and Tracey Summerfield compare various Australian and New Zealand licensing models and their impact.