Impact investor insights

This research is the first in-depth study of Aotearoa New Zealand’s impact investment market. The report highlights the level of awareness and interest, perceived barriers and priorities (impact area, geography and asset class) of investors in regard to impact investing in New Zealand.

The impact of IFRS adoption in Australia: evidence from academic research

It has been more than ten years since Australia adopted IFRS. It is time to ask some big questions: Has IFRS improved the quality of financial reporting in Australia? Has it improved comparability of Australian entities’ financial reporting with their global peers? As part of...

CIFR interview - 'two strikes' rule

Australia’s ‘two strikes’ rule empowers shareholders to vote on a board spill if the compensation report of a public company receives 25% or more dissenting votes for two consecutive years. ‘Say on pay’ legislation has been introduced in several countries but Australia’s version is unique...

Simplifying the collection of tax on employee share schemes

Summary This special report provides early information on changes to the tax rules affecting the collection of tax on benefits an employee receives from an employee share scheme. Benefits provided to an employee under a share purchase agreement are “employment income” for income tax purposes.

Mine 2016: slower, lower, weaker ... but not defeated

Key findings: 2015 saw the first collective net loss in the Top 40’s history (US$27B) Market capitalisation is down 37% negating all gains from the commodity super-cycle High debt sees some miners fighting for survival through asset fire sales Focus on costs continues, but so...
Discussion paper

The complementary roles of board incentives and market monitoring: theory and evidence

In this paper I rectify and extend the market governance model of Holmstrom and Tirole (1993) to develop and test a number of hypotheses concerning board structure and incentives. The forced departure of "non-independent" directors from the boards of companies due to regulatory-induced pressure enables...

Better shareholders - better company: shareholder engagement and participation in Australia

This report outlines Australia's current regulatory framework for corporate governance, the role of shareholders in ensuring good corporate governance, the importance of effective communication between company boards and shareholders and the voting mechanisms through which shareholders enforce the accountability of company boards.