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Sharing economy


Servicing the needs of major inner-urban trip generators

This report explores the role of commercial shared mobility services in supporting the needs of major trip generators, using inner-urban Adelaide as a case study.

Barriers to the provision of shared mobility services

This report explores barriers to the provision of sharing economy mobility services and highlights actions that can be taken by policy makers and other organisations to support their availability. The report finds that Australia cities have similar shared mobility issues that are evident in other...

Estimating the GHG emission reduction from expanding sharing economy mobility services in the city of Adelaide

In Australia, various City Councils, including the City of Adelaide, are pursuing carbon neutrality at municipal-scale based on their operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As passenger transport is a major component of city operational GHG emissions, there is an opportunity for shared mobility services to...

Demand for sharing economy mobility services: the market, brand growth & behaviour change

There has been a rapid global rise in both bike and car share offerings. Yet many of these have only current low adoption levels, highlighting a pressing need to understand the consumer behaviour that surrounds their adoption. This research maps how future mobility and demand...

Unlocking the sharing economy: an independent review

The sharing economy allows people to share property, resources, time and skills across online platforms. This can unlock previously unused, or under-used assets – helping people make money from their empty spare room and the tools in their sheds they use once a year. It...

Tackling the black economy: a sharing economy reporting regime

The purpose of this paper is to seek views on the possible design characteristics of a reporting regime to provide information on Australians who receive an income from sharing economy websites.

Platform operators in the sharing economy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has developed this guidance for sharing economy platform operators to encourage compliance with Australia’s competition and consumer protection laws.

The sharing economy: A guide for private traders

If you are driving for Uber, renting accommodation via Airbnb or using similar websites or apps to find work or customers, you are part of the sharing economy and this guidance is for you. If you are a trader this guidance will help you understand...
Conference paper

“Holiday home-sharing”: Airbnb, housing markets, and implications for planning

There is growing global concern about the local neighbourhood and housing market impacts of online “home-sharing” platforms such as Airbnb. However, the research base to inform policy and planning responses remains limited. This paper examines how different forms of “holiday home-sharing” – whereby property owners...