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Journal article

Lifestyle risk behaviours among adolescents: a two-year longitudinal study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

This research examines changes in the prevalence of six key chronic disease risk factors (the 'Big 6'), from before (2019) to during (2021) the COVID-19 pandemic, among a large and geographically diverse sample of adolescents, and whether differences over time are associated with lockdown status...

Sleep problems as a risk factor for chronic conditions

This report summarises evidence on the prevalence of sleep problems and their relationship with chronic health conditions.

Rise and try to shine: the social and economic cost of sleep disorders in Australia

This report provides a comprehensive case for an awareness and prevention strategy of sleep disorders and their consequences.

Are New Zealand children meeting the Ministry of Health guidelines for sleep?

There has been limited data on how many children under five in Aotearoa New Zealand are meeting current sleep duration and sleep quality guidelines. To address this, researchers from Massey University, Queensland University of Technology and the Ministry of Health analysed sleep and sociodemographic data...

Māori whānau and Pasifika families experience of sleep health messages

The purpose of this research was to understand the level of awareness of commonly promoted healthy sleep messages, experiences with these messages, enablers and barriers to implementing the messages, whether additional support or information may be needed and how this could best be shared with...

Bedtime reading: inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia

This inquiry investigated policy, research, education and public investment concerning sleep health awareness. Recommendations include a national education and awareness campaign, a review of practices for for shift workers, improved access to related healthcare services and tests, and dedicated research funding.
Conference paper

Effects of night-time bedroom temperature on morning blood pressure during winter: A multilevel analysis

Purpose / Context – To analyse the association between night-time temperature in the bedroom and morning blood pressure (BP). Methodology / Approach - Data were obtained from field surveys conducted from November 2014 to March 2015 on indoor temperature, home BP, sleep, and personal attributes...

Re-awakening Australia: the economic cost of sleep disorders in Australia, 2010

This report was commissioned by the Sleep Health Foundation to re-estimate the cost of sleep disorders based on updated cost information and developments in the literature, which result in different methodology from the previous analysis.

Sleep problems in infants and toddlers

This first portion of this issue looks at normal sleep patterns in the first year of life, sleep problems, co-sleeping and ways of ameliorating sleep problems. The second portion looks specifically at sleep problems including what parents can do, suggestions for bedtime problems and suggestions...