Social cohesion

Community cohesion

Multicultural policy for the Northern Territory 2020-2025

The Northern Territory government has released their multicultural policy for 2020-25, which aims to drive more positive outcomes for the migrant and multicultural community in the Northern Territory.

He oranga hou: social cohesion in a post-COVID world

The second report in this series examines the critical issue of how New Zealand’s strong national unity during lockdown will become increasingly tested as economic consequences are more and more acutely felt. In mapping out the paths to return to the ‘new normal’, how do...
Conference paper

Urban regeneration and social cohesion

This paper presents early findings from the case study, looking at the impacts on a local community, of an urban regeneration programme in Auckland, New Zealand.

Finding a silver lining: insights from an expansive study into Australia’s response to COVID-19

Despite the restrictions and changes brought about by COVID-19, more than half of older Australians believe positives have emerged from the coronavirus outbreak, according to this report.

Mapping social cohesion: the Scanlon Foundation surveys 2019

This report presents the findings of the twelfth Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion national survey, conducted in July-August 2019.

Public policy and the infrastructure of kindness in Scotland

Between October 2018 and January 2019, the University of Edinburgh hosted a series of discussions on kindness in policy. Drawing on these conversations, this report seeks to explore what we mean when we talk about kindness, and how the National Performance Framework could help build...
Discussion paper

Inquiry into nationhood, national identity and democracy: discussion paper

Some Australians report a growing sense that democracy is under threat. Around the world, voters seem increasingly dissatisfied with how democratic politics works for them. This paper discusses the current landscape and some of the relevant emerging trends.

Cracking up? Culture and the displacement of virtue

Unease has been growing that something has changed for the worse in our culture. The change is perceptible but often defies precise description. This paper calls for a renewed understanding of culture as that which expresses a shared, common vision for our human and social...

Local resilience: living with risk in vulnerable internally displaced communities in Timor-Leste

This qualitative case study explored the influences on the capacity of internally displaced communities in Timor-Leste to recover from and adapt to living with risk in the aftermath of the civil and political conflict in 2006-07.

AI will drive the societies of the future. Will the governed consent?

Artificial intelligence will drive future policy decision-making. Backed by complex machines studying complex social phenomena, government action will become even more impenetrable and inscrutable for the people most affected by a changing world. How can governance itself work with and for the governed, when innovation...