Soil science

Regenerate Australia: the concept

This is an update of a paper, first published in October 2013, which sought to outline and encourage discussion of these issues and how they might be addressed. It is based on detailed analyses of the science, practical grass roots experience, consideration of what has...

Regenerating our landscapes

This paper seeks to provide a short and simple description of how carbon, water, nutrients, organic matter and microbes interact to underpin the health of soils.

Soil nutrient management

The importance of appropriate plant nutrient management in agricultural soil cannot be overstated. If agricultural and pastoral activity is to be maximised in a sustainable fashion, it is imperative that plants are supplied by proper nutrition. The available quantity of many of these essential plant...

FDI feature interview with Dr Peter Keating: The importance of understanding the role of soil microbiological ecosystems

This resource discusses soil microbiology, soil microbiological ecosystems and research into the analysis and maintenance of healthy soils and soil biological fertility, with Bioscience Managing Director, Dr Peter Keating.

The state of Australia’s soils

Several degraded soil conditions are currently causing environmental and economic concern in Australia, including acidification, erosion, salinity, depletion, structural decline and compaction.