Spectrum management


Whatever happened to spectrum reform?

Should we renovate the process we have for allocating the airwaves, or knock it down and start again?

Investment timeframes and spectrum licensing: licensees look to minimize their spectrum risks

Regulators around the world are looking for ways to maintain flexibility in radiocommunications licensing while giving investors some certainty about spectrum tenure. One of the issues raised in this context is the duration of licenses. All things being equal, a longer license provides more certainty...
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Minding the gap(s) in spectrum law: An Australian study and a case for reforms

Achieving efficient spectrum management in the pursuit of the public interest is a key aspect of legal reforms introduced in spectrum liberalising countries. However, spectrum law is unclear about the precise nature of the efficiencies to achieve and choices between different efficiency objectives are often...
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Encouraging efficient usage of licensed spectrum

Spectrum licences in Australia are initially allocated via market based mechanisms (generally auctions)1 which strongly influence the application of this key national resource to its highest value use or uses. Spectrum licences have normally been awarded for 15-year periods,2 which have been considered sufficient to...
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Beyond 2020— a spectrum management strategy to address the growth in mobile broadband capacity

The spectrum management implications of the growth in demand for mobile broadband capacity continue to be important issues for the ACMA. Mobile broadband spectrum management is one area where the ACMA has, for a number of years, provided very detailed public guidance on its associated...

Five-year spectrum outlook 2015-19: the ACMA’s spectrum demand analysis and strategic direction for the next five years

The object of the ACMA’s Five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO) is to outline the fundamental issues that affect spectrum requirements and management over the next five years. It outlines the ACMA’s proposed actions to address these issues, while also highlighting the spectrum issues that could arise...

Spectrum review: report

The report outlines recommended changes to improve Australia's spectrum management framework. The report is the result of the review conducted by the Department of Communications in conjunction with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and included extensive stakeholder consultation. On 25 August 2015 the Government...