Sperm donors


The history of donor conception records in Victoria

This report begins with a brief socio-legal history of donor conception in the State of Victoria. Then, in subsequent chapters based on case studies of the three hospital sites, it traces what information was collected about donors pre-1988, how it was recorded and managed, where...
Journal article

Got to get you into my life: offspring of donor insemination challenging confidentiality rules

Abstract: A sperm donor is the biological father but not the social father of a child conceived through donor insemination. What is the significance, if any, of the genetic connection between the donor and donor offspring? How do the various stakeholders perceive the significance and...

Functioning of families with primary school-age children conceived using anonymous donor sperm

This study asks the question: how do families with children conceived using donor sperm operate as the children grow up? And looks into the state of these relationships. The follow-up of children conceived through the Anonymous Donor Sperm project was designed to assess the adjustment...