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Sporting clubs


A toolkit for creating healthy food and drink environments in community food retail outlets

This toolkit uses the latest evidence to guide local government action on providing healthy food retail environments in council-owned facilities.

Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants: final report

This inquiry was initiated following evidence that Senator Bridget McKenzie, the former Federal Sports Minister, had intervened in grant allocation decisions regarding the Community Sport Infrastructure Grant program in order to gain political advantage for Coalition candidates and members in the 2019 federal election.

Do better — Independent review into Collingwood Football Club’s responses to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace

This review focuses on the responses of the Collingwood Football Club to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace, and the adequacy of the processes for addressing it.

Stay in play: recreation reserves and climate change workshop

This initiative provided a free workshop and information regarding best-practice principles for turf maintenance around recreation reserves, in drought affected rural areas. The workshop is specifically aimed at sports clubs and sport reserve Committees of Management.

Eastern sporting savers

The program aimed to help sports clubs identify and implement energy saving actions so they can reduce their energy bills and invest the money saved on other aspects of the game, such as maintaining low fees and keeping sports accessible for the local community.

Impact of COVID-19 on community sport

COVID-19 has created a crisis that threatens the existence of thousands of community sport clubs across Australia, and the communities of members, volunteers, coaches, and families that are involved with them. This survey report reveals that community sport’s shutdown has damaged the physical and mental...

Doing sport differently: designing and delivering sport to engage people who are less active

This document is part of a series that aims to help the sporting sector ‘do sport differently’ to attract, engage and retain Victorians who are less active in sport.

Award of funding under the Community Sport Infrastructure Program

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the award of funding under the Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program was informed by an appropriate assessment process and sound advice.
Conference paper

"The home of the Borough"

“The revolution is in full swing.” So wrote commenter “Matt” in October 2013 underneath an online report that the State Liberal government was considering proposals to alter the form and use of the Port Melbourne Football Ground.

AusPlay Focus: Children’s participation in organised physical activity outside of school hours

More Australian children have participated in sport over the past twelve months, but the vast majority are still not meeting recommended activity levels - and parents could be the biggest influence in getting their kids more active.