State government departments


Safety on Victoria's roads—regional road barriers

This audit examines whether Victoria’s regional road barriers program has met its intended safety outcomes.

Operation Betka: an investigation into alleged corrupt conduct by a former contractor of the Department of Education and Training

Operation Betka was an IBAC investigation into allegations a contracted Senior Project Manager in the Information Technology Division of the Department of Education and Training was involved in serious corrupt conduct.

The state of the public sector in Victoria 2018–2019

The 2018–2019 State of the Public Sector in Victoria report provides a profile of the Victorian public sector, its workforce, executives and boards of governance.

Sexual harassment in the Victorian Public Service

This audit examines whether the Victorian public service provides workplaces that are free from sexual harassment. The Victorian Auditor-General looked at whether all eight departments effectively prevent, report and respond to sexual harassment.

Investing in vocational education and training

This audit examined whether the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training is achieving successful learning and employment outcomes through its public and private providers.

Who Runs This Place - The states

The different power players in each state. All six states are led by Premiers and have cabinets — they're the same. But they're also different. In part three, we look at the industries, groups and people who have power in each state, including mining peak...

The state of the public sector in Victoria 2017–2018

The annual State of the Public Sector in Victoria report provides a consolidated picture of the structure, composition and profile of the public sector.

Towards good environmental governance? Assessing the evolution of Victoria's environment portfolio

This research investigates Victoria’s overarching approach to environmental governance. It provides an account of Victoria’s environment portfolio, how it has evolved to meet changing priorities, and what might be done in the future. The approach to research is informed by policy analysis, portfolio studies, and...

Contract management capability in DHHS: service agreements

This audit assessed whether DHHS has sufficient capability in managing service agreements to ensure funded organisations deliver agreed health and wellbeing supports and outcomes to clients.

Follow up of oversight and accountability of committees of management

There are more 8 000 Victorians who make a substantial contribution to Victoria as part of a committee of management (CoM). Through their volunteer labour, they maintain and oversee almost 1 500 Crown land reserves. Crown land reserves are areas of public land set aside...