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Student assessment


Briefing paper

Formative assessment practices in early childhood settings: evidence and implementation in NSW

This paper aims to support early childhood education (ECE) practitioners and policy-makers by bringing together the available research on formative assessment, contextualised to early childhood education in New South Wales. Formative assessment is an educational practice that has broad applicability and support.
Case study

FEATuring YOU: a soft skills training and assessment program for Opportunity Youth

Ithaka S+R, an independent nonprofit research group, conducted this case study of FEATuring YOU, to document the development and implementation of the program, understand its value-added and potential for impact in the field, and make recommendations for future developments.

Single-sex schooling and girls’ achievement in Australia

This presentation of evidence and insights regarding the impact of single-sex schooling on student achievement was presented at the Fearless Girls Strong Women conference, Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia Educators Conference 2018.

An account of the inner workings of standards, judgement and moderation: a previously untold evidence-based narrative

This paper was commissioned to inform the Review of Queensland Senior Assessment and School Reporting and Tertiary Entrance Processes undertaken by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Specifically, the lead Investigator was tasked to address the hypothesis that the Queensland Studies Authority’s (QSA, also referred...

An analysis of earlier reports into senior assessment and tertiary entrance procedures in Queensland

This paper is an analysis of selected major reports into Senior assessment and tertiary entrance procedures in Queensland; in particular: Public Examinations for Queensland Secondary School Students (1970, ‘the Radford Report’) A Review of School-based Assessment in Queensland Secondary Schools (1978, ‘the ROSBA Report’) Tertiary...

Reformed to the hilt

SCRATCH any would-be education reformer among our political leaders and you’ll find someone who is easily excited by student test results. If the numbers go up then they prove the effectiveness of this or that innovation. If they go down then teachers aren’t making the...
Literature review

Maximising confidence in assessment decision-making: current approaches and future strategies

Executive summary The research for this project was conducted from December 1999 through to November 2000. This project is about the need for strategies to improve the quality of assessment. Much of the research and recommended strategies from this project informed a series of guides...