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Funding for public research into foreign policy issues

For the purposes of this inquiry, the Committee accepted a broad definition of both foreign policy, and foreign policy research, in order to explore all the evidence provided. This inquiry report primarily explores the role of government funding of foreign policy research and analysis.

A practical guide for establishing an evidence centre

Since 2013, Nesta and the Alliance for Useful Evidence have supported the development of more than eight evidence centres. This report draws on insight from their experience, published material and interviews with senior leaders from a range of evidence intermediaries.
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What is a think tank? The power to influence policy

In Australia, the think tank community is still growing and many Australians have yet to truly understand what a think tank does.
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The role of think tanks: a reply to the critics

Because their aims are educational and democratic, what think tanks do and why they do it is entirely transparent. Summary Because their aims are educational and democratic, what think tanks do and why they do it is entirely transparent: they ensure their research is publically...
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Digital curation of public policy resources: discovery, access and management for policy and practice

This paper discusses public policy and grey literature use and management and the work of Australian Policy Online (now Analysis & Policy Observatory) in developing its open access document and data digital library. It presents research on use, production and collection of policy publications and...

Information and research for policy and practice: survey of collection and information services dataset

This survey aimed to gather data that would help understand how information and research produced by organsations on public interest issues is discovered, selected, catalogued and collected by libraries and other collecting organisations and services.
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Where is the evidence? Realising the value of grey literature for public policy and practice

This paper discusses the ways in which the internet has profoundly changed how we produce, use and collect research and information for public policy and practice, particularly focusing on the benefits and challenges presented by grey literature. The authors argue that grey literature (i.e. material...

Shock of the new

A Labor think tank has given a timely warning about the seductive appeal of triumphs past Last month in London, Michael Cooney, executive director of the Labor Party’s main think tank, the Chifley Research Centre, called for an end to what he termed “nostalgia for...

G20 2014: perspectives from business, civil society, labour, think tanks and youth

This paper brings together policy contributions from a wide cross-section of society interested in feeding into the G20 process. Summary G20 engagement partners from Business (B20), Civil Society (C20), Labour (L20), Think Tanks (T20) and Youth (Y20) have each provided a contribution for this issue...

A history of future-thinking Initiatives in New Zealand 1936–2010

New Zealanders have always understood the need for long-term thinking. This report describes eighteen future-thinking initiatives since 1936, many of which were undertaken by groups in civil society. Given such a background, this report puts forward a number of lessons.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation in Victorian drylands

The think tank brought together regional practitioners and national and international climate change adaptation researchers to identify regional challenges, knowledge needs and adaptation strategies.