Sleep problems in infants and toddlers

This first portion of this issue looks at normal sleep patterns in the first year of life, sleep problems, co-sleeping and ways of ameliorating sleep problems. The second portion looks specifically at sleep problems including what parents can do, suggestions for bedtime problems and suggestions...

Toddlers who won't eat and antihistamines and infants

The 'terrible twos' are never more determined than when it comes to mealtimes. This health, thriving ball of energy is suddenly eating nothing, and parents are perplexed about their source of energy. Meal times become a nightmare and food a battleground. How do we help...

More help with the cost of caring for babies and toddlers

In this rep;port, ACOSS proposes the following changes to assistance with the costs of care for babies and toddlers: a universal maternity benefit; an extension of the existing parenting payment to support middle income parents caring at home for a child under 3 years old...