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Fact Check: Does the China Free Trade Agreement threaten Australian jobs?

Unions claim the free trade agreement between Australia and China "allows Chinese companies to bring in their own workforce for projects over $150 million and removes the requirement that jobs be offered to local workers first".
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Fact Check: Did the Pope declare wage theft a mortal sin that reaps eternal punishment?

The union movement has enlisted the opinion of an unlikely ally in its campaign to make wage theft a crime. Australian Council of Trade Unions Secretary Sally McManus has told her Twitter followers that the Pope declared wage theft a mortal sin, which mea
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Fact Check: Did Nick Xenophon vote with Malcolm Turnbull to cut the age pension?

South Australia's labour movement, SA Unions, claims in Facebook videos that Mr Xenophon, who leads the SA-Best party, voted with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to cut pensions for older South Australians.
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Fact Check: Are one in 10 workers in Australia on temporary work visas?

Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus has called for an end to Australia's uncapped temporary working visa system.

The long struggle of the Amazon employees

This study explores the structures of the Amazon company and worker's experience of trade union resistance in Germany. The research is primarily based on a series of interviews conducted with Amazon strike activists which took place within trade union meetings as well as an Amazon...

Work shouldn’t hurt

This survey, carried out by the ACTU in July 2019, exposes an underbelly of unsafe work practices that has led to unacceptable numbers of working people dying as a result of their work, being exposed to trauma, experiencing violence, or sustaining psychological/physical illnesses and injuries.

An earnings standard for New York City's app-based drivers: economic analysis and policy assessment

This report addresses a critical public policy challenge facing the City of New York—the low pay of app-based drivers.

Working time developments in the 21st century: work duration and its regulation in the EU

This report examines the main trends and milestones characterising the evolution of the most important aspects of collectively agreed working time in the European Union during the first decade of the 21st century. Drawing primarily on information collected by Eurofound across all EU Member States...
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Employees or independent contractors? Insights from Japan

Recently in the United States, in response to the emergence of “gig economy,” the debate whether gig workers are misclassified as independent contractors has been heated. Japan’s practice with regard to the definition of employee could give meaningful insights to the U.S. practice. In the...
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Solidarity unionism vs company unionism in the gig economy

The CEOs of the two top-competing gig firms—Uber and Lyft—penned a June 12, 2019 OpEd in the San Francisco Chronicle in which they claim that after over six years of local, state, federal, and international law-breaking, ignoring the concerns of drivers, and viciously fighting any...